Packing for CCC

Packing for CCC

A few days left to go to CCC and time to go through the obligatory equipment for the last time. I always try to check my equipment about a week before a race, just to give me some time to complement any thing that might be missing.

This will be the first time I run any of the UTMB races. I’m really looking forward to it and this new type of trail. Sweden and Stockholm in particular is rather flat compared to the alpes. It’ll be interesting to see how the body reacts to a lot of vertical.

I haven’t done much running since Swedish Alpine Ultra but my legs feel ok and I’ve been commuting to work by bike to get some alternative training. I’ve never run with poles before so I’ve been concentrating on getting used to them up and down smaller hills around Stockholm. I think I’m as physically ready as I can hope to be. Now I just need to get my gear in order. I did some looking around the old interwebs after seeing the obligatory equipment list and found some useful info. So I thought I’d give you my take on packing incase you or someone else might need it in the future.

A definitive list of obligatory equipment can be found at the UTMB website.

equipment laid out on floor

Obligatory equipment

Mobile phone with option enabling its use in the three countries

I’ll just use my iPhone 5SE, it should work fine. I’ve also saved the organizations number to my contacts.

Personal beaker 15cl. minimum

I will use the Salomon soft cup 15ml

Stock of water minimum 1 litre

I use the Salomon S-lab Sense Ultra Set (3l) running vest which comes with two 500ml soft flasks. But this year it’s going to be extremely hot with 32C at 1000m so it’s necessary to have a stock of 2 litres. I’ll carry two extra soft flasks in my pack to use if necessary.

Two torches in good working condition with replacement batteries for each torch

I rarely use torches in training and when I do I just use a cheap Black Diamond torch. So for this I’ve barrowed a Petzl Nao and a Black Diamond ION. Since spare batteries also is obligatory I’ll have four AAA batteries, two for each torch.

Survival blanket 1.40m x 2m minimum

Regular gold and silver survival blanket. Comes with all Salomon running vests.


A whistle comes with, and is attached to the running vest.

Adhesive elastic band

I’m using one that actually is for animals and can be found in your local drugstore, works like a charm.

Food reserve

I will carry 2 Cliff bars (I don’t intend to eat these, they serve as emergency food), a bunch of Gels, Bloks and Chews.

Jacket, with a hood

I love my Northface Storm Stow Jacket. It’s a great super light rain jacket that definitely will do the trick.

Long running trousers or leggings

Peak Performance LAVVU tights is a great pair of tights, fits well with good pockets.

Additional warm midlayer top

This one was the hardest for me to decide since there are two options, but ultimately I went for the second one. My base layer will probably qualify for option one as well, but I’ll bring a wind jacket too, mostly because of flexibility.

  1. One single midlayer long sleeve top for warmth (cotton excluded) with a minimum weight of 180g (Men, size M)

  2. A two piece clothing combination of a long sleeve baselayer/midlayer for warmth (cotton excluded) with a minimum weight of 110g (Men, size M) and a windproof jacket with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) protection OBLIGATORY

I will use my Ullmax Merino Super Soft base layer top and the Salomon S-lab Light Jacket. The only problem though is that the jacket doesn’t seem to have DWR, I think it’s gonna be ok anyways and if not I’ll borrow a Haglöfs LIM wind jacket.

Cap or bandana or Buff

I found a really old Shell gas station cap that I use for races and a Svantes Vilt & Bär buff.

Warm hat

When I ran Ursvik Ultra I got the official hat, comfortable and warm.

Warm and waterproof gloves

Icebreaker Quantum Gloves and regular household rubber gloves since it’s almost impossible to find waterproof gloves worth their name.

Waterproof over-trousers

North Face Storm Stow Pant, the pants are just as great as the jacket.

Identity papers

This is required by the frontier police forces. I’ll just have my regular drivers license.

packed race vest on floor

Walking poles

I’ve borrowed a pair of Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z.

The sum of 20 € minimum

I’ll carry some more cash than advised and a credit card just in case.

My extra equipment


I tend to always bring my iPod shuffle with me during races but very rarely use it. It’s more of a comfort thing, if i feel really disconsolate I know I have it with me.


Invaluable piece of gear. Keeps all of my spare clothes dry and very effective in minimizing space waste.


In case it’s sunny I like to protect my eyes by wearing cheap plastic and of course stylish shades from Toyshades.

Waterproof phone case

LOKSAK makes great sealable bags for your phone. You can still use the phone when in the bag and it’s crazy waterproof.

On my body

I will start the race, depending on the weather forecast, with shorts, running t-shirt, New Balance Minimus Trail 00v2 shoes, Suunto Ambit3 HR and a pair of light Merino wool socks from SmartWool.

Total weight of my pack, excluding what I’ll wear on my body and reserves of 1 litre, will be around 3kg.

That’s everything I’ll be bringing along the trail. I might add, remove or replace something in the coming days but this is more or less it. Looking forward to get down to Chamonix on Wednesday and feel the athmosphere, it’s suppossed to be something else.

If you want to follow me during the race go to and search for 3292 or my name.