Race report TDS 2017

The race started and once we hit the first uphill the sun also started to rise. Almost right away I got pains in my left hip and my right knee, as expected, ...

Trail running in Lisbon

I recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal, with my girlfriend since she's doing her masters here. I like to explore places by running and since I prefer trails ov...

Race report Swedish Alpine Ultra 2017

SAU - Swedish Alpine Ultra 107k 2017 My third go at this great race. It's easy to come back year after year. It's beautiful, it's wild and it's fun. Roland c...

Race report SUM 2016

A race report from Sörmlands Ultra Marathon, a 48km race from Björkhagen to Handen in Stockholm.

Race report CCC 2016

Things doesn't always go according to plan, quite the opposite in this case actually. Race report from CCC.

Packing for CCC

A declaration of my packing for CCC. I list the gear I use for the obligatory list of items and also what I'll bring in excess of that.